Inspirational Speaker
Inspirational speaker Jep Hostetler engages audiences and leads
them to discover joy, laughter and inspiration in their daily lives.

Want to meet the goals of your event? For successful event planners,
that inspirational moment starts with a phone call to Jep Hostetler.

The warmth with which his audiences respond to his inspirational
keynotes, seminars and workshops starts, simply, with the way Jep
relates to their interests. As a grandfather, professional educator,
medical researcher and volunteer caregiver (among many aspects
of a busy life) he lives his message.

For professional audiences, Jep can place his uplifting message
in the context of a 30-year career on the faculty of The Ohio State
University College of Medicine, speaking to the professional and
continuing education needs of professional care givers.

Your group will emerge from a
Jep Hostetler event engaged, laughing,
invigorated and invited to bring more
joy to their work, lives and relationships.

When you're looking for a truly uplifting speaker, call Jep to discuss
your next keynote, seminar or workshop. Pick up the phone and call
574-534-3813 or send an email today.
Jep Hostetler, Ph.D,
author and inspirational speaker

"Bring him back!"

"His sense of humor brought me JOY!"

"He made it worthwhile to stay to the end         
of the conference."

"Very healing to my own tired spirit.                    
 Thank you!"
Quote for the day:
Joy is a choice!
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