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Humor, Spirituality and Well-being
Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith
Volume 54, Number 2, June 2002

! Mennonite Mirth

Historical Committee & Archives of the Mennonite Church

Mirth, merriment and humor among Mennonites? Yes, of course! Jep
Hostetler, well-known humorist, muses about the role of humor and
its effects. And, he tells a good story!

10 Things Parents Should Know About
Drug & Alcohol Abuse Hostetler provides
answers to questions you must know to
communicate to your children about drugs
nd alcohol. See the Contact page for

! Press

Hostetler: Laughable Life
The Weather Vane

The Joy Factor
Goshen College


Dr. Hostetler speaks to professional
associations as well as business,
educational, church and other groups.
He is can provide excellent live
interviews and comments on the
medical science of humor, health and
healing and on substance abuse
2013 Article on my
research at a
monastery for four
months last year.
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